Hereward Relay Race

Yes, I know you reader who comes across my RC tells you… he’s that guy!!!!

Yes, it is, welcome to my world.

Saturday, October 1, 2018, Day-Day The pressure is at its peak, the race pack is ready. I’m at Mom’s for lunch; she cooked me a sweet little dish. Stéphane will be my taxi, and he will also do this nice race. (Thanks buddy;)) )

2 pm, on the road, Kintzheim we’re coming! The way is going well; we chat, we laugh, the atmosphere is relaxed.

No need to put pressure on each other, we haven’t even arrived yet!

4 pm, here we are on site. We get the bibs back, and I see a lot of people.

Friends of Trail run Alsace, Laetitia, Cyril, some Ouf are already there like Nathalie and her tireless Hervé, David, Anthony. Once again, laughs, discussions, exchanges, it is always a pleasure to meet these running friends.

The hours are passing by at high speed.

I impose myself to eat, but I’m not too hungry. Once again a sweet cold little dish from Mom. Traditional turkey pasta, water, a piece of cheese and a good compote. People are starting to flock. I prepare my drinks, check my bag, prepare the kit for the ratios, Laetitia will join me shortly before the departure with her colleague Claudia to manage my rates. People are working, right?

7 pm, I do my business, and I lie there in the room, take a nap, listen to music and wait for it to happen. (Admit it, you’re picturing me sitting somewhere)

About 8pm Jérôme arrives, a little stressed the boy. With my poor experience, we reassure ourselves and talk. The bags are ready; I did the complete check-up with my extreme supplies that arrived. YES!!! Go to the start line. I talk about it more in my blog’s other posts (visit March Athletic Club)

20h30 On the starting line I meet Jeremy (Jeremy-runner on install) we hug each other we both know why we’re here. Our eyes are sincere and not a word comes out, but we have understood each other. I take advantage of these last few minutes to chat, relax and be a jerk to relieve my stress. Previous hug and go on the starting line. I’m going to the outposts. The tireless Lucas Papi arrives on the line. As usual, I’m a jerk…

21:00! Here I am, the start is neither too slow nor too fast.

The favourites are around, and I had the objective to hold on to a certain Johan Helvig, he will be the winner of the day. I know him but he doesn’t know me, it’s still funny. He didn’t ask for anything, and an old Oufderun leech is coming to kill himself in his sneakers. The poor man!

Of course, I’m talking to him. I gave him my race plan because I had bet on him at the trifecta: p The objective was to ride together while each one did his race. A little funny for an idea, don’t you think? The first 15 Km pass quickly, we just chatted. We sympathize a little; we tell each other about our season, our problems…. and he had a hell of a time that very morning, cut in his hand he had to be sewn up. Worse than chick trailers? No, no, it’s a legend.

I will now speak to you in KM distance terms because I had lost track of the hours by then.

15 to 20KM, panics on board the machine disconnects, the calves stiffen they are at the edge of the cramps. I only took care of myself very little since I knew that up to Km 20 I didn’t need much except to drink….but it was without counting on the surprise of my body! I’m starving. So I decided to slow down, to do everything possible to restore my health and get to the radio without having to draw on my reserves, which are not full.

20 km ratio of Frankenburg, I eat, I drink, but I don’t hang out at the rate. I load up and continue to refuel myself by leaving to waste little time; I forget to fill up my flask, what a badger!!!! In the descent, I meet Emma and Celine who go up to see Jerome, and a little further down, Laetitia and Claudia are there. The encouragement does me good and puts me back in the race a little bit. Time passes, and I wait for everything to return to normal. I still doubt, but I believe in it, I’m being overtaken, but I remain patient, unfazed (well, I’m pretending I’m in a panic)

Up to Km 26, 5 km after the race, I continued to regain my health by advancing slowly. The ranking is dropping, I went from 5th to 12th. Oops!